RAIN! Take That Wildfires! And A Sneak Peek At The New Fall/Winter 2017 Jewelry Collection...

Boho Style Fall 2017 Firefighters Ginger Mitchell Designs Jewelry Collection Oregon Sneak Peek Umpqua Vally West Coast Wildfires

If you live in or around the Umpqua Valley, or anywhere in Oregon, or really anywhere on the West Coast, you know that fires and smoke have been a serious problem this fire season. I really hope this RAIN is helping the firefighters that have been working so hard all around the state (and other states too) putting out the fires! Thank you, firefighters! It certainly has made it easier to breathe while I work hard to finish up my 2017 debut collection!

I still haven't decided on a name for this collection, so here are some ideas:  

  • Flowers Everywhere
  • Remembering Summer
  • Forget-Me-Nots
  • Last Of The Summer Flowers
  • Summer Is Forever
  • Free Spirit
  • Endless Summer
  • Forever Summer
  • Hmm… Ideas??? Feel free to drop them in the comment box below. :)
The inspiration for this collection comes straight from nature, and flowers in particular. I'm still designing and building more pieces for it. I have a lot of work to do to get them all up on the website, but I'm working my bum off. I will try to get part of them up in the next week or two. Sign up at the bottom of this post to be notified as they go live. (I will give you a free shipping code for your next order when you that sign up for listing notifications.)
As with all of my pieces, I'm using as much recycled material as I can in my new designs. My copper is either repurposed or picked up at the local building materials recycling center.
I pair the copper with sterling silver, it makes a great contrast, and the designs really pop. The designs are finished with an aged patina that softens the look and adds to the warmth and depth of the pieces.

Ginger Mitchell Designs Wonder Woman Flower Bracelet

Ginger Mitchell Designs Vine Flower Earrings and Heart With Flower Necklace

Ginger Mitchell Designs Abstract Leaves and Flowers Earrings and Necklace set

Ginger Mitchell Designs Asymmetrical Cuff Bracelet With Flowers


Stay tuned! I will start listing these pieces soon. (Don't forget to sign up to get notified when they are available!)

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 In the meantime, [click here to see one piece] from the new collection that is already available...

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